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glass animals



“Go see it! You will be amazed and enthralled!”



"The detail and precision that went into the show’s visual displays were nothing short of astonishing."


FRAY Studio helped Glass Animals create Dreamland at the Brooklyn Mirage by devising a real-time environment in Unreal Engine for the venue’s 15,000 pixel wide immersive screen.

Dreamland.IRL let fans access the campaign artwork in a wholly new way. FRAY collaborated with the band, production designers, Cassius Creative, and lighting director, Alex Noel, to create an evolving Unreal environment that could be completely controlled from the lighting desk and linked up to existing programming.

Over 110 elements of the scene were controlled by the lighting desk, from light positions and camera movements through to the amount of cereal shown falling out of a bowl.

Read more about the process of making the show here.

Fray Team

Scene Creation: Adam Young & Norvydas Genys

Creative Team

Production Design: Cassius Creative

Lighting Director: Alex Noel

Real-time Video Design: FRAY Studio

Production Management: Simon Lutkin

Tour Manager: Tom Allen

Disguise & Unreal Integration: 4Wall

Photos by: Chris Lavado

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glass animals


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