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develop your skills working on briefs based on real-world projects

A free resources open to current students, recent graduates,

early career creatives and young aspiring creatives.


FRAY DEV_ offers practical, realistic project briefs to help develop design skills and gain new ones for those without professional experience. 


Universities and online training offers software knowledge and technical skills, but can not replicate the challenges faced by video creatives in the real world.

FRAY DEV_ is free to take part in. It will not cost you a penny. We recognise this is a time of great anxiety and uncertainty for those studying or beginning a career in our industry and we would like to do what we can to help and guide your progress.

FRAY DEV_ seeks to provide the motivation, support and crucially a deadline! We find it impossible to learn anything new without purpose and direction. Maintaining creative skills and motivation to learn new ones is hard, especially for people new to our industry.

The entire process will take place on a Discord server which you will be invited to.

Frozen the musical


Project Briefs

Completing project briefs is not a mandatory requirement to be part of FRAY DEV_ but they are an opportunity for you to continue to grow your set of skills in a real-world way and ultimately make you more employable. Your work can also be used as part of your portfolio to show your understanding of the design process, from the initial brief to the final render. At the end of the process, we would like to celebrate your work and commitment to our Instagram account and website.

To help everyone deal with the juggling act of life, school and work - Briefs will run over a 3 month period to make the process manageable. You can spend the 3 months slowly chipping away at it, or a focused few weeks if you have that opportunity. You can work on your own, or you can form teams between yourselves to collaborate to create one joint outcome, playing to each team members strengths. We are leaving this open for the community to decide. At the start of each new brief, we will be asking people to sign up to a commitment to complete the project. This way we make a commitment to each other: ours is to mentor and support your development and yours it is too actively participate. More information on this will be in the Discord.


We aim to host one seminar a month based around a technical or creative question. We want the subjects of these seminars to be suggested by you to make them useful to your continuing development. We will deliver them live via Zoom, with a Q&A at the end and the recording available afterwards for anyone who couldn’t make it. These will be delivered from the team at FRAY, as well as guests from other companies we invite in.


FRAY DEV_ is a creative community. The more you put into it the more you get out of it. It is a place to…


  • Meet your future collaborators and start to develop those relationships.

  • To ask for technical or creative help on DEV projects or non-Dev related projects.

  • To share something you have been working on to get an outside opinion

  • To share training resources and opportunities.

When safe, we hope it is a place we can post about real world internships, placement, jobs that we or our colleagues have and even a Summer Camp!

some rules

  • Discord is a safe place. People should be able to seek support and ask questions without fear or abuse. Live entertainment is built on collaboration, the sharing of information and ideas. This is how we all elevate video in live events. 

  • For now, we are only open to current students, recent graduates and early career creatives. You should meet the eligibility criteria:

  • Must not be working regularly within the live events industry.

  • Must be 18 years or older.

  • Must be an individual and not part of a collective or organisation.

  • There is no pressure to produce anything Oscar-worthy. Some people may have weeks to focus, others may only have a day.

  • Mistakes are OK, encouraged even and we will help you learn from them.

  • Everyone learns, progresses and responds in different ways. The key for us is to keep your critical and creative brain active and developing.

  • This is not a competition, it is a space to learn and develop new skills via structured brief - there is no best in show and no judgement.

  • Any form of abuse, intolerance or discrimination will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to remove you from the program for any reason we see fit.


Thanks for signing up!

You must not yet be working regularly within the live events industry.

You must be 18 years or older.

You must be an individual and not part of a collective or organisation.


Your Future


Join FRAY DEV_ here!

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