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Video content as dynamic as a performer on stage.

FRAY Studio are at the forefront of the real-time revolution. We team world-class expertise with cutting-edge technology, like Notch, Unreal Engine and TouchDesigner, to develop captivating visuals that seamlessly integrate into live performance.


speed without compromise

  • Real-time tools get your sequences stage-ready within minutes, instead of the hours or days needed for traditional rendering. 

  • Quickly create complex scenes, including ray-traced or path-traced visuals, and choose whether to run them live every night or rapidly render them to a video file.

why use real-time?


embrace spontaneity

  • Cues can be called precisely when needed. The content reacts without the need for cross-fades, maintaining the visual fluidity of the stage-image.

  • Fast rendering-times empowers your team to be responsive to real-world changes.

why work with fray studio?



  • Embrace instant editing, even while the performance is live on stage.  

  • Create multiple variations of content, keeping your visuals fresh and captivating.


FRAY is an Unreal Engine Authorized Service Partner.  One of only 90 companies across the world who have been vetted and approved by Epic Game/Unreal engine. 


We have been pioneering real-time in live-entertainment since 2015. We have the skill to leverage real-time tools as a complete way of working for all types of content.

cutting edge

We work directly with manufacturers and software developers to develop software and technology specifically for the live entertainment industry.


We are sector leaders on real-time content and workflows and can achieve technical and creative goals that others deem impossible.

Our comprehensive software toolkit allows us to always chose the right software, or develop a custom plug-in, to achieve your creative goals.

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  • Transform live data into breathtaking real-time visuals with content that continually evolves. 

  • Make each performance unique. Whether it's incorporating the name of the city on tour, bringing in live, external data, or highlighting audience interactions.

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