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FRAY Studio is a multi award-winning video design studio specialising in shared experience. In theatre we have designed for everyone from Disney to Complicite. In music we have created concerts for artists from Lewis Capaldi to Coldplay. We have designed exhibitions on subjects from the Rolling Stones to the Large Hadron Collider and we have delivered many world-class virtual productions. Our work covers many areas but what unites it is our focus on using video to create meaningful, story-driven, shared experiences that expand the imagination.


We are a friendly company. We see our employees as people, not resources and your time with us as a journey, letting you grow and develop your skills while working on world-class creative projects.

FRAY is committed to opening up our industry to those who are not traditionally represented in the backstage and design fields. Time and experience have taught us that our teams are better, stronger and more creative when they are composed of diverse voices and experiences. We want our team to be as diverse as the performers on stage or the audiences who experience our work.


We recruit on aptitude, not qualification.

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Editor/Animator (Arabic language)

As an Arabic-speaking Animator in our team, your role will be integral to the success of the projects. You will be responsible for the following:

  • Animation Development: Create high-quality 2D animations using Adobe After Effects. This includes conceptualizing visual narratives, storyboarding, and executing animations that align with project goals.

  • 3D Animation: While not a requirement, if you possess skills in 3D animation using Cinema 4D, you will contribute to the development of 3D elements within our projects.

  • Editing and Enhancement: Use Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects for video editing tasks and apply AI tools like Topaz to enhance archive footage, ensuring the highest quality and consistency across our projects.

  • Collaboration: Work closely with the creative team to develop concepts and narratives. Your ability to understand and incorporate feedback will be essential.

  • Language and Cultural Insight: Utilize your fluency in Arabic and understanding of regional dialects to ensure cultural appropriateness and accuracy in animations and video edits targeted at Arabic-speaking audiences.

Your role as an Arabic-speaking Animator is not just about executing tasks; it's about bringing creativity, innovation, and cultural understanding to this project. You will be a vital member of our team.

Role & Responsibility


Reports To:

Senior Designer


Based on experience


Remote initially with 3 weeks onsite in Kuwait.

Direct Reports:


Works With:

Wider FRAY Team

About You

We are seeking a highly skilled and innovative Arabic-speaking Animator with a passion for storytelling and a keen eye for detail. You are someone who is excited about the opportunity to bring narratives to life through dynamic and engaging video content. Here's what we are looking for in our ideal candidate:

  • Language Proficiency: You are fluent in Arabic, with a strong understanding of regional dialects such as those spoken in Kuwait, Iraq, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia. Your proficiency is crucial for effective communication and understanding cultural nuances in our projects.

  • Technical Expertise: You have extensive experience, ideally 3-5 years, in Adobe After Effects, and are skilled in creating impactful 2D animations. Experience with 3D animation, especially in Cinema 4D, is a valuable asset but not mandatory.

  • Additional Skills: Your proficiency in Adobe Premiere Pro. Experience in enhancing archive footage using AI tools like TopazLabs is highly desirable. Experience in projection mapping and animating for UVs is highly desired.

  • Collaborative Spirit: You are a team player who is comfortable working onsite in Kuwait, especially during our tech period from April 12 to May 3rd, 2024. While being located in London is ideal, it is not a strict requirement.


  • Adobe After Effects Animator (3-5 years experience)

  • 2D animation

  • Ideally projection mapping experience

  • Experience animating for UVs

  • Experience using archive footage in animation


  • 3D animation in C4D would be a plus but not required

  • Adobe Premiere Pro editing skills

  • Experience enhancing archive footage using AI

Rewards and Benefits

Based on experience

Recruitment Timeline

This project will be starting in February and running until the end of April. 


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