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years and years

World Tour: ‘Palo Santo’


“Go see it! You will be amazed and enthralled!”



"The stunning visuals of the show made it utterly captivating."


For the tour of Years & Years’ second album ‘Palo Santo’, FRAY Studio recreated the fictitious city of Palo Santo, live on stage.

The video content created was designed to fit within the world of the music videos, art work and social media campaign for the album. It ranged from 3D animated landscapes through to low-fi, 90s-inspired music promos.

All our work drew on these common themes, using the established visual language and aligning aesthetically to the wider campaign. We gave fans the complete Palo Santo experience, including flying over futuristic cityscapes, traveling down back alleys, visiting theatres and watching an MTV-style TV channel.

Fray Team

Creative Direction & Animation: Adam Young

Animation: Ash Woodward

Animation: Norvydas Genys

Creative Team

Video Content: FRAY Studio

Production & Lighting Design: Cassius Creative

Disguise Programmer: Robin Senoner

Choreography: Aaron Sillis

Associate Choreography: Shannelle 'Tali' Fergus

Style: Nick Royal

Production & Tour management: Only Helix

Photo credits: Ash Woodward: @redmen1 -

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years and years

World Tour: ‘Palo Santo’

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