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years and years

Night Call


“Go see it! You will be amazed and enthralled!”


Manchester Evening News

"The stunning visuals of the show made it utterly captivating."


FRAY studio continues our long relationship with Olly Alexander and Years and Years to help bring the video content for the 2022 Night Call show to life.

Working in close collaboration with Theo Adams as creative director and director, FRAY studio took the audience on a visual journey that started with a phone box and ended with Olly being impaled.

Along they way we visit grime filled toilets, a night club and a hypnotic trip weaving a narrative through the entire performance.

The film shoot was produced by Pretty Bird over a 2 day shoot, which left us with a few weeks to turn 12 hours of raw footage into the show that is out in the world.

Fray Team

Post production, editing, grading, vfx & compositing: FRAY Studio

Photos by: Mike Burnell, Tim Boddy & Tony Woolliscroft

Concert footage by: Rohum Dilley

Creative Team

Creative director & director: Theo Adams

Associate director: Jordan Hunt

Choreography: Masumi Saito & Meshach Henry

Production Design: Cassius Creative

Tour and Production Management: Only Helix

Lighting Director: James Washer

Music Direction: Kiazen Collective

Styling: Nick Royal

Shoot produced by: Pretty Bird

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