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the world of abdulhussain

National Theatre of Kuwait


“Go see it! You will be amazed and enthralled!”



“Go see it! You will be amazed and enthralled!”


FRAY Studio partnered with Scene Productions and Ammonite Studio to produce the musical exploration of the late Abdulhussain Abdulredha's life; A beloved cultural icon in the whole gulf region the show celebrates his often political on-screen and theatre work.

The performance takes place between 1 May and 11 May at the National Theatre of Kuwait at the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Centre.

FRAY produced video content for rear projection, gauzes and LED screens. The content was designed creatively to keep a united visual language throughout the show despite the many video surfaces and locations throughout the performance.

The content communicated scenery and world building using layered visual features from the world of Abdulhussain. Much of the inspiration has been from the huge wealth of archival footage and images generously shared by Abdulhussain's family.

Fray Team

Video Design: Hanna Schrage

Studio Producer: Georgia Young

Animator: Grace

Animator: Jarek Radeki

Animator: Kooch Chung

Animator: Ana Stefaniak

Graphic Designer: Kinda Ghannoum

Creative Team

Director: Diana Sfeir

Assistant Director: Hashem Haider

Technical Producer: Rob Casey

Lighting Design: Rick Fisher

Choreographer: Kaz Kolesnik

Costume Design: Fotini Dimou

Set Design: Takis

Sound Design: Sebastian Frost


Producer: Reham Al-Samerai

Producer: Talal Al-Muhanna

General Manager: Faisal Khajah

Director of Music and Research: Ahmad Al Salhi

Director of Operations & Marketing: Alia Al Ghanim

Finance Manager: Mohamed Ahmed

Senior Graphic Designer: Elianne Naaman

Marketing Associate: Nourah Al Qassar

Content Curating and Editing: Mohammad Al Saeed


Technical Producer: Laura Wilson

Production Manager: Oliver Ellerton

Stage Manager: Rory Jakeman

Deputy Stage Manager/Show Caller: Antony Gani

Production Video Engineer: Dan Bond

Video Programmer/Op.: Jack Nicklin-Jewell

Sound Associate/Mixer: Adam Taylor

Production Sound Engineer: Dan Beaton-Hawryluk

Lighting Associate/Programmer: Rob Halliday

Production Electrician: Fraser Hall

Production Electrician: David Stone

Production Electrician: Damian Ridge

Sound Associate/Mixer: Adam Taylor

Technical Manager: Matt Roper

Draughtsperson: Michael Harpur

Assistant Producer: Naser Baluch

Technical Stage Manager: David Elias

ASM: Saad Samir

Casting Director: Maryam Alomani

Props Master: Sofana Al-Shawaf

Head of Wardrobe: Shouag Hayat

Assistant Head of Wardrobe: Noor Ebrahim

Costume Supervisor: Carol Lingwood

Hair, Makeup and Wigs Designer: Kelly Poulter

Head of Masks: Claire Bannister

Music Coordinator: Ghalia Al-Ghanim

Stagehand Team Leader: Omar Sarawi

Stagehand: Mohamed Sabry

Stagehand: Issa Abdelhay

Stagehand: Mostafa Khairallah

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the world of abdulhussain

National Theatre of Kuwait

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