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20th Anniversary Tour


“Go see it! You will be amazed and enthralled!”


To mark their 20th anniversary Sodagreen are going on the road with a greatest hits tour.  FRAY Studio partnered with United Creative Works and Vision Factory to produce 20 songs, 4 interludes, all performed in the round on a giant automated LED floor with scenic and flown items.

The video is highly atmospheric, and the show uses the seasons as a metaphor for the different stages of the bands career and the moods of their music. The set is entirely video, the floor has 5 large ramps in it that move up and down.  

These are supported by flown transparent screens that can be seen from both sides allowing layered, hazy looks to be built. Through out the show live camera is intergrated into the content in creative ways creating one seamless image for the audience to enjoy.

Images provided by 緒風有限公司(Isshowind LTD.)

Fray Team

Video Design: Finn Ross, Letty Fox, Norvydas Genys,  Grace Arnott-Hayes, Hanna Schrage, Abu Menash, Rob MacDougall, Laura Perrett, Kooch Chung, Chris Homer, Susan Kosti, Laurent DeVleeshouwer

Notch & iMag Artist: Kira O'Brien

Creative Team

Creative Direction and Production Design: United Creative Works

Lighting Design and Programming: Sam Tozer, Vision Factory

Programmer: Ed White

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20th Anniversary Tour

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