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sarwat watan

Cirque du Soleil


“Go see it! You will be amazed and enthralled!”



“Go see it! You will be amazed and enthralled!”


Sarwat Watan was an immersive show brought to life in Riyadh for National Day celebrations. The show brought together the earth, sky and water and led its characters on a elemental journey.

FRAY worked with a range of creation tools throughout this project including After Effects, Notch and Unreal, choosing the right tool to create each individual moment. Our depiction of the elements was brought together by a VYV Photon system which allowed us to precisely control projection onto challenging surfaces such as voile fabric, moving scenery and water.

Fray Team

Design: Finn Ross & Adam Young

2D, 3D & Real-time Artists: Letty Fox, Norydas Genys, Kira O’Brien, Grace Arnott-Hayes & Laura Perrett.

Arabic Calligrapher: Jassim AlNasrallah

System Design & Engineering: VYV: Anthony Bezencon

Programmer: Richard Thomas

Creative Team

Client: Cirque du Soleil

Story & Direction: Simone Ferrari & Lulu Helbeck

Creative Direction: Fabrice Becker

Set Design & Co-Prop Design: Stéphane Roy

Lighting Design: Mathieu Poirier

Video Design: FRAY Studio

Acrobatic Design: Jerome le Baut

Costume Design: Nicolas Vaudelet

Music Composition: Bob & Bill

Choreography: Mélissa Colello & Anthony Venisse

Co-Prop Design: Madeleine Bernatchez-Elliott

Assistant Director: Fred Ambrose

Concept Artist: Filippo Baracchi

Artistic Coordinator: Ahiu Pourteau

Makeup Designer: Gabrielle Brulotte

Photos: 2022 Cirque du Soleil. All rights reserved. Marie-Andrée Lemire

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sarwat watan

Cirque du Soleil

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