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sam fender

17 Going Under


“Go see it! You will be amazed and enthralled!”


The Guardian

"Backed by images of those whose lives he sings about, when he gazes upwards during The Borders’ line “she took those pills and now she’s gone”, it feels personal."


Rock star and working class hero. Not many acts can sell out an arena like Sam Fender. FRAY Studio joined Sam for his 2022 arena tour, visually bringing his music to life through the video and content design.

Representing Sam and his lyrics in a way that matched the rocky, raw & honest feeling of his music, we visualised dark & sombre themes in a way that worked to elevate the story without dominating it.

The show was part live cameras and part animated content. With a strict colour palette and minimal textures we created a unique but consistent-looking show. By carefully considering how the video content related to Sam Tozer’s set and it’s positioning throughout the show, we contrasted moments that felt enclosed and intense with moments which felt open and expansive depending on the needs of the specific songs.

Read more about the process of making the show here.

Fray Team

Concept: Adam Young, Finn Ross, Letty Fox, Grace Arnott-Hayes & Norvydas Genys

Animators: Adam Young, Letty Fox, Andrea Scott, Grace Arnott-Hayes & Laura Perrett.

Notch Design: Kira O’Brien

Photos by: Joe Okpako, Chloe Hashemi, Cara Kealy, SquaMatthew,, Robert Barrett

Creative Team

Production Design: Sam Tozer

Lighting Director: Luke Avery

Video Design: FRAY Studio

Camera Director: Charlie Woods

Production Management: Nub sounds

Kit supplied by: Adlib

Video Programming: Ashley Ball

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