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Performance Laboratory


“Go see it! You will be amazed and enthralled!”



"The scientists helping musicians to banish stage fright for ever"


The Royal College of Music’s Performance Laboratory is an innovative venture which provides an unparalleled opportunity to simulate real and heightened performance experiences under pressure. The Laborartory is driven by Unreal Engine and is designed specifically to simulate common performance distractions, adjust audience receptiveness and reactions as well as live lighting and sound changes to accurately mimic the venue of choice. FRAY produced the real-time 3D video environments, virtual audience and panel members as well as building the user interface in ON LX. 

Photo Credit: Phil Rowley

Fray Team

Software Development: Adam Young

Unreal Engine Lead Developer: Daniel Orchard

3D Modelling Lead Developer: Norvydas Genys

Interface Development: Kira O'Brien

Unreal Engine Developer: Alex Loftie

3D Modelling: Preevue 

Software Coordination: Georgia Young

Creative Team

Creative Producer: Jon Lyle of Ammonite Studios

Assistant to the Producer: Jess Branch

Sound Designer: Carolyn Downing

ADR Voice Artist: Jo Ashe

ADR Voice Artist: Bhavnisha Parmar

ADR Voice Artist: Linton Tulloch

ADR Voice Artist: David Holmes

Sound Engineer: Zoe Milton

Sound Engineer: Rob Bettle

Motion Capture Director: CCIXR Portsmouth Alex Counsell

Motion Capture Technician: Sam Birmingham

Motion Capture Artist: Durassie Kiangangu

Lighting Designer: Rob Casey of Ammonite Studios

Lighting Drafter: Oliver McNally

Systems Engineer: Steve Jackson

Systems Engineer: Sam Gough

Media Server Builder: Guy Pepper

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