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International Tour: ‘Life Is Yours’


“Go see it! You will be amazed and enthralled!”



"Each song was accompanied by amazing visuals, cementing the fact Foals are a proper arena band and continue as one of the best British live acts out there."


A live Foals show swings between a pop, indie and metal show in an instant. FRAY Studio was there to help visually set the tone and intensity through the video and content design for Foals’ 2022 tour, ‘Life Is Yours’.

The main question driving our work was, ‘Can you make an entire show out of flowers?’. Foals have often used plants and flowers in their artwork and music videos but now FRAY was tasked with bringing that theme to the forefront. Combining celebrating the beautiful, natural form with revealing its physical and digital deterioration.

Working closely with Foals lead singer, Yannis Philippakis, and show designers, Cassius Creative, FRAY Studio embarked on a journey that started with a simple question and ended with us donning safety gear in an east London studio, with explosive results.

Read more about the process of making the show here.

Fray Team

Concept: Adam Young & Finn Ross

Animators: Adam Young, Letty Fox, Andrea Scott, Neil Evans, Grace Arnott-Hayes & Laura Perrett.

Film Production Company: Pavilion films

DOP: Bobby Goulding

Producer: Nathan Brown & David New

Gaffer: David New

Production Assistant: Sasha Van Diepen

Production Assistant: Bee Buckingham

Behind the Scenes Filming: Jamie Parker

1st AC: Courtney Williams

Filming Art Director: Elliot Rooney

Filming Florist: Petals By Princess Jess

Filming Special Effects: Maters SFX

Photos by: Joe Okpako, Sam Neill & Live4Ever

Concert Footage: Pavilion Films

Creative Team

Production Design: Cassius Creative

Lighting Director: Marc Thornton

Video Design: FRAY Studio

Video Programming: Ed White

Production Management: Mark Jones

Kit Supplied by: Universal Pixel

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167-169 Great Portland Street,

5th Floor,

London, W1W 5PF

Tel: +44 (0)20 3637 3111

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International Tour: ‘Life Is Yours’

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