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World Tour: ‘Music of the Spheres’


“Go see it! You will be amazed and enthralled!”



“Couple all the flash, dash and pyrotechnics with two giant LED screens showing Day-Glo reverse focus images of the band, and the effect was spellbinding.”


For Coldplay’s stadium world tour, ‘Music of the Spheres’, FRAY Studio tapped into our comprehensive design and real-time toolkit to deliver significant parts of the show’s video production.

Our work included creating all the iMag looks and real-time vfx for the show (made in Notch).  We also helped to celebrate the environmentally-friendly message of the tour by producing a pre-show interactive game (also made in Notch) that displayed data from the kinetic dance floors on which audience members competed to generate energy to power the show. Our visuals for the closing number ‘Biutyful’ (made in Unreal Engine) helped to provide the show’s finale by bringing to life the magical alien world of ‘Flora’.

Read more about the process of making the show here.

Fray Team

Concept: Adam Young, Finn Ross, Laura Perrett, Letty Fox, Grace Arnott-Hayes.

Creative Lead: Henrique Ghersi

Notch Artists: Henrique Ghersi, Kira O’Brien, Norvydas Genys, Jamie Kenny

Unreal Engine Artist: Norvydas Genys

Creative Team

Creative Direction: Phil Harvey and Misty Buckley

Production Design: Misty Buckley

Lighting Design: Sooner Routhier

Video Designer: Leo Flint - Studio Flint

Special Effects & Laser Designer: David Kennedy with StricklyFX

Video Director: Ant Barrett

Screens Director: Josh Koffman

Video Programmer: Dan Trenchard

Video Crew Chief: Phil Johnston

Video Engineer: Server Speciality - Owen Evans

Video Engineer: Vision Speciality - Piotr Klimcyzk

Video Engineer: Vision Speciality - Chris Farrants

Notch Design: FRAY Studio

Content Creation: FRAY Studio, NorthHouse Luke Halls Studio, Impossible Brief

Head of Visual Content: Sam Seager

Photographer: Alana Swaringen Kira O'Brien, Nabil Asfari

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London, W1W 5PF

Tel: +44 (0)20 3637 3111

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World Tour: ‘Music of the Spheres’

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