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Amplified by MDLBeast


“Go see it! You will be amazed and enthralled!”


Jason Derulo

"Coming through the rock, the crazy alleys, it was just like “what is that?” It’s like straight out a film."


FRAY Studio joined MDLBeast and Cassius Creative to create real-time visuals using Notch for Azimuth AlUla 2022 Festival.   We projected a 220m wide canvas over a sunning rock formation that frames the sun rise and sun set. The two day Festival took place in the majestic desert area know as AlUla, surrounded by Saudi Arabia's first UNESCO World Heritage Site and historical ruins dating back to 6th century BC.

FRAY Studio designed the visuals for Azimuth AlUla 2022 Festival.   We developed a visual narrative drawing inspiration from the location's nature and landscapes, the Festival's identity as well as the time of day since the festival took place from dusk until dawn. Utilising FRAYs extensive real-time toolkit, we designed over 20 unique looks, all created in Notch, which could be dynamically altered live to respond to the music, lighting and action on stage. FRAYs visuals were also used as a backdrop to performances by Kelis, Damian Lazarus and other musicians throughout the festival.

Fray Team

Creative Direction, Design & Project Lead: Henrique Ghersi

Associate Project Lead: Kira O’Brien

Notch Artists: Henrique Ghersi, Kira O’Brien, Jamie Kenny & Lewis Bailey

Concept Direction: Adam Young & Finn Ross

Creative Team

Client: MDLBeast   

Production & Lighting Design: Cassius Creative

Video Design: FRAY Studio 

Video Programming: Konstantine Laptev

Lighting Programmers - Alex Noel and James Washer 

Experiential Agency: Production Glue 

Production Company: Ginger Owl 

Systems Design: Media Pro

Stage Managers - Jonny Gaskell and Katya Ryblskaya

Lasers/SFX - ER Productions

Photos by: Kira May O’Brien & MDLBeast

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5th Floor,

London, W1W 5PF

Tel: +44 (0)20 3637 3111


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