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arlo parks

International Tour: Soft Machine


“Go see it! You will be amazed and enthralled!”


The Upcoming

"She held back tears as she expressed her gratitude and disbelief at having her name across the venue written next to the words 'sold out.'"


In collaboration with the Arlo Parks, FRAY Studio embarked on a journey to craft a collection of content that had analog authenticity and rich texture. This endeavor primarily involved a curated film shoot, where a medley of vintage cameras and monitors sourced from the depths of eBay were interconnected through a web of cables and adapters. This process resulted in genuine analog feel captured in every frame.

Fray Team

Animation, editing and design: Grace Arnott- Hayes, Letty Fox, Kira O'Brien, Hanna Scharge & Adam Young.

Studio Producer: Georgia Young

Programmer: Kyle Reseigh

Film producer: David Dunnage

DOP: Bobby Goulding

1st AC: Katerina Vahalova

Gaffer: Samuel Hilaire

Spark: Sanaa Byfield

Production Assistant: Luke Clifton

Make Up Sylist: Holly Miller

Stylist: Nancy Kane

Art Director: Elliot Rooney

Casting Agency: Revolt Models

Cast: Isabella Kozlo dal bosco, Charlie Parker, Alice Killington, Amal John & Saffron Dey

Creative Team

Production design: Cassius Creative

Lighting Director: Belinda Best

Tour Manager: Adam Williams

Management: Ali Raymond

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167-169 Great Portland Street,

5th Floor,

London, W1W 5PF

Tel: +44 (0)20 3637 3111

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arlo parks

International Tour: Soft Machine

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