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the rolling stones tongue & lips

One of the many remarkable items in the exhibition, ‘The Rolling Stones Exhibitionism’, was a 3m high video-mapped 3D version of the band’s iconic logo. In this blog post we go into detail to show how, collaborating with Dandelion and Burdock and Jonathon Lyle, we realised this aspect of the project.

The first steps were taken in parallel. Jonathon Lyle conducted projection studies to make sure the model and the projection would work within the space, while FRAY tackled making the famous tongue and lips logo into a 3D object. The logo is usually seen as a two dimensional graphic so, working with D&B, we undertook a process of modelling and review to achieve the best possible 3D likeness.

Once happy with the modelling, the object was 3D printed in three parts so that it could be packed down for touring. A lot of hand finishing was required to smooth out the surface before it could be finished with a spray coat of projection friendly paint. Due to the hand finishing we had to have the object re-scanned and the meshes corrected to ensure accuracy.

While the object was being manufactured FRAY developed a variety of looks to project onto the model of the tongue and lips. Some of these were based on iconic looks the logo has been given over the years. Some were based on the band’s history, like a flag for every country the band have toured. While others came out of our collective imagination.

The next and hardest part of the process was lining up the projectors onto the 3D printed logo. Projection is delivered via a blend of 5 units. As the model was completely curved it was a matter of trial and error to get the vertex of the model in the software matched up to where it sits on the object itself. Jonathon Lyle spent many hours, mostly overnight with many cups of tea, tweaking the line-up until it was perfect.


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