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“Go see it! You will be amazed and enthralled!”



“Go see it! You will be amazed and enthralled!”


Netflix’s runaway animated success ‘Over The Moon’ commissioned an xR music video to showcase the film’s feature song, ‘Rocket to the Moon’. The music video needed to feature a real performance by Cathy Ang, the actress behind the voice of the main character Fei Fei, showing her singing within the animated world of the film.

Working with Trailer Park, Mirada Studio, Boum Creative and Savages, FRAY Studio built a real-time version of one of the film’s key locations. The video recreated the entire village and featured the canal, a bespoke and dynamic weeping willow, and a highly detailed dock as a platform for Cathy Ang’s performance.

FRAY also built a separate series of infinite, reflective space-lakes, and re-modelled assets from the film to function in real-time, enabling them to seem to fly through space.

This was a true collaboration, with four different companies working simultaneously inside the same Unreal Engine project, carefully controlled by Source Control Management.

Read more about how we created the video.

Fray Team

Creative Direction: Finn Ross

Creative Direction: Adam Young

Animation: Norvydas Genys

Creative Team

Performer: Cathy Ang

xR VFX: Savages

xR World Creation & Sceneography: Fray Studio

Director: Chris Riehl

Director of Photography: Pete Konczal

Producer: Trailer Park & Mirada Studios

Edit: Mirada Studios

xR Producer: Boum Creative

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