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extended reality


xR is here. Where could it take you?

In an Extended Reality production a digital world can be wholly imaginary or hyper-real, depending on the needs of your project. The stage is made up of a video screen that surrounds the performer. Using a specially adapted camera, the digital world is applied to the screen from the correct perspective.

The world is extended beyond the video screens to complete the picture and immerse the performer in the digital world. Objects, scenery, products, cars, foliage or whatever you wish, can be placed in front or behind the performer.

The performer and camera are free to move around the stage, whilst the digital world is processed from the right perspective and applied to the video screens in real-time - ensuring the final image always looks correct.

what is (xR)?

xR, also know as Extended Reality, Smart Stage & Virtual Production, is the process of placing a performer or presenter into a virtual world in real-time with no need for green screen or post-production.

discover (xR)

Different worlds by design.

Any digital world can be used on any xR stage, anywhere in the world running compatible software. Our studio in the UK can design and create a digital world for you to use anywhere in the world. It can all be delivered electronically, eliminating the need for travel.

xR stages are available to hire across the world. Fully equipped and staffed, these studios allow you to arrive and walk right on to the stage. At FRAY Studio we have relationships with stages in London, New York and Los Angeles & will be able to help you find an xR stage most suited to your project.

where can (xR) take you?

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Dream it. Make it. Show it. xR can take you anywhere. Advancements in real-time 3D graphics mean that we can build you a bespoke digital world that fits uniquely with your brand, story or big idea. Ranging from realism to surreal fantasy - the standard rules of where a performer can be placed no longer apply.

where is (xR) filmed?

xR has no borders. We can build you a digital world in London, that you can film in Sydney.

take a look at

our recent (xR) projects

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over the moon


An xR world is a world that is built-in real-time 3D software: Notch & Unreal Engine. The 3D worlds are modelled in Cinema4D before importing them into Notch and Unreal Engine. Here we add light and texture, animate and thoroughly test the digital worlds to ensure it is correctly set up for an xR stage.

A Disguise media server is used as a bridge between the real world and the virtual one. At 120 frames per second, Disguise matches the position of the virtual camera with the position of the real-world camera. It uses this information to apply the image to the screens and extend the image beyond the edge of the video walls.

The final image is made up of three parts: a back plate, a camera plate and front plate. The back plate is everything behind your performer. The camera plate is the part of the image that contains your performer. Finally, the front plate is everything that needs to be in front of your performer.

how do we make (xR) worlds?

(xR) takes full advantage of the latest real time 3D technology.

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