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a million dreams: britain's got talent

Britain’s Got Talent asked FRAY Studio to create a simple, elegant and poetic video design for a performance of ‘A Million Dreams’, from ‘The Greatest Showman’, sung by Susan Boyle and Michael Ball.

Our central concept was the childhood game of blowing on a dandelion and making a wish. The video content created an abstract journey through the song, showing dandelion clocks moving through space, building into a tornado and then releasing their seeds at the musical climax.

To achieve this we modelled a dandelion seed and animated each of its hairs. Each of the seeds we created were controlled by, and responded to, the sequenced dynamics of wind, turbulence and gravity. This gave a natural feeling to the movement of the objects through the abstracted space.

The particle simulation was set up so that it responded musically to the timecoded track. This meant that the sections could move as one continual shot rather than relying on cross-fades to create continuity across the many camera shots of the performance.

The video was produced and rendered wholly within Cinema 4D and assembled within After Effects.


Fray Team


Creative Direction: Adam Young

3D Modeling & Animation: Norvydas Genys


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